Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Flying Bullet--Graphic Novel/Film Press Release

DATE: 03/04/2017
Christopher Love

Be like a Bullet...Be Unstoppable

Graphic Novel/Film, The Flying Bullet, celebrates diversity with a Sci-Fi adventure from the cotton field to Outer Space.

Hunstville, Alabama 

Heroes Like Me Entertainment will release a graphic novel and film called the THE FLYING BULLET. It is the tale of Tuskegee Airman, Lt. Curt Masters, who is kidnapped by aliens and has to fight for an Earth that doesn't fight for him. This project has been six years in the making.
This is not a Hollywood blockbuster, but a film by one person, Christopher Love. This film is an
independent film made by a fan of sci-fi for fans of sci-fi. The characters in the film will be of african
american, asian, hispanic descent. 

"During World War II, Black and Whites Lives, including First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt; petioned the government to allow Black Americans to fight and defend their country by training them to fly. All they asked in return was the opportunity to enjoy in the blessings of our great nation. This story is about one person who had to fight and defend the whole planet."

This graphic novel/film is in the direct response to the lack of diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

"We've waited for Hollywood to present stories of the future that has more than Caucasian characters in it. The Future is for everyone, but on the big screen I do not always see someone like me or my kids in that future. I'm doing this for them and other kids of color and diversity who deserves to see themselves on the big screen, tablet or phone to enjoy. Everyone deserves heroes that look like them" says Chris Love.

This is Mr Love's first  graphic novel and film. He has been writing for over 20 years. He is the Chief Creative Officer of Heroes Like Me Entertainment.

Mr. Love concludes by saying, "If you want something you never had, You must do something you never did."

The Flying Bullet can be found on Go to

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Flying Bullet #2: What is a Photonovel?

A "photonovel" is a book which uses photo stills from a television show or movie instead of art work to tell a story. It was very popular in the 1970s and early 80s. It has made a comeback today, most notably with John Byrne's Star Trek-New Horizons.

I decided to use this concept for The Flying Bullet. Originally, I began a Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign to create The Flying bullet into a film. It failed.

The benefit of the making a photonovel is that it is a good visual setup for a possible film. I'm using Comic Life 3 application which allows fantastic graphics and capabilities.

Since I am bassically funding this myself, you learn to get very creative. Instead of real people, I using stock footage of actual people from Pond 5. They will be the lead characters of Curt Masters, Aliena, Sutter and ARC.

I'm able to use public domain clips from US Government films "Wings for This Man" and "The Negro Soldier."  These films were created in the 1940s in order to seek african american support of the war.    

Taking stills, stock footage and imagination, I'm able to create a whole new adventures starring Lt. Curt Masters as The Flying Bullet.

The Flying Bullet will be released on December 01 2016.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Flying Bullet Blog #1: The Adventure Begins

My name is Christopher Love and I am the creator of the Flying Bullet. 
The concept of the photo novel came about due to my love for the old black and white sci-fi serials and films of 40s, 50s and 60s like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, King of the Rocket Men and Son of Ingagi. 
WHAT IF!!! there was a black and white photo novel starring an African American hero.  I imagine the hero would be based on real African American heroes of that era.  The Tuskegee Airmen were heroes of the highest caliber who fought discrimination and the right to defend a country that didn't always defend them.
So now I have my hero, LT Curt Masters, a Tuskegee Airman, who is kidnapped by a UFO and goes on the high octane sci-fi adventure  and exploring what it is to be a man and a human being.  The photo novel will be presented in Black and White to keep with its inspirational roots. 
This photo novel is a 100% classic science fiction story. I took the rich history of african americans and combined it with the science fiction genre. The story deals with the struggles of african americans to be counted as full citizens of the United States in defense of their country during WWII. Curt Master soons discovers that the planet Earth is entangled in a bigger intergalactic struggle.
Writer and artist John Byrne created a photonovel for a Star Trek story. He used still footage of the Star Trek tv show to tell a new tale.
I decided to create the story by shooting actual scenes via my cell phone and adding it to the photonovel layout. I am using a platform called Comic Life 3. It's a program that let's you create a comic book.
The photonovel will be available paperback, ebook and something more





The photo novel and ebook will be release on December 01 2016. Please help me by spreading the word and coming back for more updates.

-Chris Love

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Comic Creator You Should Know: Christopher Love

What is Heroes Like Me Entertainment?
Heroes Like Me is an intellectual property company that specializes in ethnic characters for development into videos, short stories, novels, comic book, graphic novels and films. Most independent companies create single comic books. We created a universe of heroes, villains and supporting characters in sci-fi, adventure,action, mystery, fantasy, and even a western. My goal is to work with other companies to market my characters to the mainstream entertainment world.

What are some of your characters designs?
The Mysterious Maestro

Curt Masters/The Flying Bullet and Aliena
The Fiery Furnace

The Black Dove

Human Pearl

Shining Star

The Buffalo Soldier

John Henry 2.0

What projects are you working on?
Right now, I publish each character mentioned in their own short story adventure each month on Booktrack. Booktrack is a website where you can publish stories and add a soundtrack, sound effects and ambience music. It allows the reader to become apart of the story. It's a challenge to produce stories for seven books on a monthly basis alone. But I still love it.

What are some of the challenges of an black entertainment company?
Unless you are a white male, you have an uphill challenge. Most major companies and not interested in producing independent ethnic characters to produce into video games and movies. Also specialty comic book stores don't sell black comic books. It hard for ethnic comic book creators to advertise and to let people know about their projects. We are not backed by Disney or Warner Bros.  

What is your background?
I've been writing since I first joined the Army 25 years ago. I've published three novels independently. I'm currently retired from the military and work as a supervisor in a jail in Huntsville, Alabama. I see especially in the law enforcement side that we have a lot of young men who do not have heroes that look like them and that is important.

What are some projects you would like to do in the future?
I will be producing a classic sci-fi pulp adventure called The Flying Bullet. It's the story of a Tuskegee Airman who is kidnapped by an UFO and transported billions upon billions of miles away from Earth. I created it in response to the fact that their were no black sci-fi serials of the 30s, 40s and 50s. What if there was a black sci fi serial during that time. I think it would be about a Tuskegee Airmen because they were real heroes. I created a YouTube concept video so everyone can have an idea of what I'm doing. The project will be in the form of a graphic novel and a sci-fi film which should be out in the summer of 2016.

How has the internet helped black creators?
It has allowed us to reach a niche audience that crave diverse characters.

How are you letting people know about your company?
By word of mouth and by Twitter and Google +. I am a one man operation. I have started attending conventions to let others know about my company.  

Why do we need diversity in our heroes?
Because we live in an diverse world.

Any last words
We need to support ethnic creators so Hollywood can see that we want to not only see white male characters on the movie screen, but also asian, native american, female, black characters. And also not to whitewash characters because they feel it won't sell by having a manga character appear white on films.

Christopher Love is the Chief Creative Officer of Heroes Like Me Entertainment

Monday, August 10, 2015

The "Making" of The Flying Bullet Photonovel: Update #2

Well, I have pretty much laid out the captions and dialogue for the photonovel. I have completed 15 pages of photos and the whole project is starting to take shape. Two months ago, I created an Indiegogo campaign to fund the project. I only managed to receive 1% of what I needed. Of course, I was very disappointed.  The money was going to be used to pay the artist to illustrate the novel. I felt like a failure. The art fee was 3,500 dollars.
When I look at other projects by independent creators, they get TV and movie deals like Dark Matter. Some of the material are not even original. Big companies do not want to invest in characters with black skin. I bet if I changed my characters to white; I know it would sell.
I have showcased my intellectual property in a first look deal at Amazon Studios and other business. I never hear back from them. I have attempted to reach out to the black Internet community, but it is hard to make black people understand that THEY too can have black superheroes that look like them.
Since I couldn't pay my artist, I came up
with something else. Writer and artist John Byrne created a photonovel for a Star Trek story. He used still footage of the Star Trek tv show to tell a new tale.
I decided to create the story by shooting actual scenes via my cell phone and adding it to the photonovel layout. I am using a platform called Comic Life 3. It's a program that let's you create a comic book.
The photonovel will be available paperback, ebook and something else.
The Flying Bullet Experience will be a movie which will include footage from the photonovel. Also videos, special and sound effects will be included. The movie will be available for DVD and instant video.
I'm releasing all of this on December 01 2015. This will be about three weeks before Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released. I will be one of millions who will there seeing the new Star Wars film. But I also want to give sci-fi fans another option.
It's going to be an experience. The hardest thing for an independent creator is getting your project out there for people to know it exists.
Christopher Love is the Chief Creative Officer of Heroes Like Me Entertainment. He has a monthly online stories ready for enjoyment with soundtracks, ambience and sound effects.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Space Patrol - Exploding Stars

Diverse Heroes are Here Ready to Read

Along with Marvel/Disney, DC Entertainment, Dark Horse, Image and more; now Heroes Like Me Entertainment enters the field with diverse Heroes and a new form of storytelling.  In an environment where comic book heroes are majority Caucasian males. Now their will come MONTHLY stories like The Human Pearl, Bass Reeves - Deputy Marshal, The Flying Bullet, Shining Star and The Fiery Furnace and The Black Dove.

These stories will encourage reading for school age kids and for those who have graduated. Reading is Fundamental.

You can read these stories now with  musical soundtrack, sound effects and ambience audio.

Heroes Like Me will use the E-reader platform of Booktrack.

Dive into these stories with rich stereo sounds and finally become apart of the adventure.
What are you waiting for?

Come back each month for more.

Shining Star and The Fiery Furnace - what happens when a Black male and Latino female go thru the struggles of everyday marriage. And they have superpowers. The sparks fly monthly in this tale of adventure.

The Flying Bullet - All Curt Masters wanted to do was to defend his country against the Nazis as a Tuskegee Airman. That all changed when he was kidnapped by an UFO and has to make a difficult choice billions of miles away from home.

The Human Pearl- Fairy tales do come true in the story of a 300 year old lost african princess. Now she is forced to face the modern world. Is she a mermaid or something far more dangerous.

The Black Dove - She is a bounty hunter who has the tracking skills of a wolverine. But skills are not enough when her greatest threat is her own body.

Bass Reeves- If you haven't heard of the greatest lawman of the old west, then you are not alone. In his 30+ year career, he has captured over 3000 criminals and shot 14 dead in self defense. His hat and belt was shoot off. He is the basis to the Lone Ranger character. Now he returns in monthly adventures.

Christopher Love is the Chief Creative Officer of Heroes Like Me Entertainment.  A website that catalogs diverse content from other creators along with its own material.