Monday, July 27, 2015

The "Making" of The Flying Bullet Photonovel: Update #1

My name is Christopher Love and I am the creator of the Flying Bullet. 
The concept of the photo novel came about due to my love for the old black and white sci-fi serials and films of 40s, 50s and 60s like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, King of the Rocket Men and Son of Ingagi
WHAT IF!!! there was a black and white photo novel starring an African American hero.  I imagine the hero would be based on real African American heroes of that era.  The Tuskegee Airmen were heroes of the highest caliber who fought discrimination and the right to defend a country that didn't always defend them.
So now I have my hero, LT Curt Masters, a Tuskegee Airman, who is kidnapped by a UFO and goes on the high octane sci-fi adventure  and exploring what it is to be a man and a human being.  The graphic novel will be drawn in Black and White to keep with its inspirational roots. 
The reason I write and produce stories featuring ethnically diverse characters is because their are very little heroes in mainstream media that look like the rest of us. So I am creating a graphic novel called "The Flying Bullet" which will be a SCI-FI adventure dealing with a Tuskegee Airman being transported billions of mile away from Earth in 1945. This photo novel is a 100% classic science fiction story. I took the rich history of african americans and combined it with the science fiction genre. The story deals with the struggles of african americans to be counted as full citizens of the United States in defense of their country during WWII. Curt Master soons discovers that the planet Earth is entangled in a bigger intergalactic struggle.

CREATOR & WRITER: Christopher Love
Chris Love is the author of three sci-f, action and historical fiction novels. He is the Chief Creative Officer for Heroes Like Me Entertainment which specializes in publishing ethnically diverse entertainment products like novels, ebooks, videos and more.  He is a champion of bringing heroes and races to lovers of a good story.



Rough Sketches by Curtis Hamilton

who created the title artwork card

Curt Masters comes from a small farm in Huntsville, Alabama. When Japan attacked Pearl harbor on December 07 1941, it woke a sleeping giant in the United States. As the country gears for war, african americans wanted the opportunity to defend the country that treated them as second class citizens
Their is a program at Tuskegee Institute that will train young african american men as pilots. They will be called the Tuskegee Airman.  Curt Masters soon enters the program and soars as one of their greatest.   He becomes a deadly threat to the sky and becomes a flying bullet. He wanted to prove that he could walk down any street in the United States and be RESPECTED as a man. Soon, he will be responsible with the safety of the planet Earth.   
Aliena is a member of the Galactic Protectors, an intergalactic police force charge with maintaining the peace throughout the cosmos.  While on a mission, she was badly injured which left her paralyzed. Now Aliena is in a wheelchair and is determined to find the one who caused her injury.  She is forced to trust Curt Masters and learn that he can be a Alien Ambassador.
 Other Characters Include:
Sutter: He is a career criminal. A expert engineer. He is serving his probation on the ship of the Galactic Protectors. Can he be trusted???
ARC: He is an android from the Moon of the Machines. Not much are known about them. Their society of machines avoid contact with organic lifeforms, but a few have ventured into human society.   
ROM Vega: She was the first and most powerful Galactic Protector, but she betrayed the Galaxy when she to quit.
The Flying Bullet #1 will be published on December 01 2015. There will be more updates to come leading up to the publication date. STAY TUNED FOR MORE