Thursday, August 6, 2015

Diverse Heroes are Here Ready to Read

Along with Marvel/Disney, DC Entertainment, Dark Horse, Image and more; now Heroes Like Me Entertainment enters the field with diverse Heroes and a new form of storytelling.  In an environment where comic book heroes are majority Caucasian males. Now their will come MONTHLY stories like The Human Pearl, Bass Reeves - Deputy Marshal, The Flying Bullet, Shining Star and The Fiery Furnace and The Black Dove.

These stories will encourage reading for school age kids and for those who have graduated. Reading is Fundamental.

You can read these stories now with  musical soundtrack, sound effects and ambience audio.

Heroes Like Me will use the E-reader platform of Booktrack.

Dive into these stories with rich stereo sounds and finally become apart of the adventure.
What are you waiting for?

Come back each month for more.

Shining Star and The Fiery Furnace - what happens when a Black male and Latino female go thru the struggles of everyday marriage. And they have superpowers. The sparks fly monthly in this tale of adventure.

The Flying Bullet - All Curt Masters wanted to do was to defend his country against the Nazis as a Tuskegee Airman. That all changed when he was kidnapped by an UFO and has to make a difficult choice billions of miles away from home.

The Human Pearl- Fairy tales do come true in the story of a 300 year old lost african princess. Now she is forced to face the modern world. Is she a mermaid or something far more dangerous.

The Black Dove - She is a bounty hunter who has the tracking skills of a wolverine. But skills are not enough when her greatest threat is her own body.

Bass Reeves- If you haven't heard of the greatest lawman of the old west, then you are not alone. In his 30+ year career, he has captured over 3000 criminals and shot 14 dead in self defense. His hat and belt was shoot off. He is the basis to the Lone Ranger character. Now he returns in monthly adventures.

Christopher Love is the Chief Creative Officer of Heroes Like Me Entertainment.  A website that catalogs diverse content from other creators along with its own material.