Monday, August 10, 2015

The "Making" of The Flying Bullet Photonovel: Update #2

Well, I have pretty much laid out the captions and dialogue for the photonovel. I have completed 15 pages of photos and the whole project is starting to take shape. Two months ago, I created an Indiegogo campaign to fund the project. I only managed to receive 1% of what I needed. Of course, I was very disappointed.  The money was going to be used to pay the artist to illustrate the novel. I felt like a failure. The art fee was 3,500 dollars.
When I look at other projects by independent creators, they get TV and movie deals like Dark Matter. Some of the material are not even original. Big companies do not want to invest in characters with black skin. I bet if I changed my characters to white; I know it would sell.
I have showcased my intellectual property in a first look deal at Amazon Studios and other business. I never hear back from them. I have attempted to reach out to the black Internet community, but it is hard to make black people understand that THEY too can have black superheroes that look like them.
Since I couldn't pay my artist, I came up
with something else. Writer and artist John Byrne created a photonovel for a Star Trek story. He used still footage of the Star Trek tv show to tell a new tale.
I decided to create the story by shooting actual scenes via my cell phone and adding it to the photonovel layout. I am using a platform called Comic Life 3. It's a program that let's you create a comic book.
The photonovel will be available paperback, ebook and something else.
The Flying Bullet Experience will be a movie which will include footage from the photonovel. Also videos, special and sound effects will be included. The movie will be available for DVD and instant video.
I'm releasing all of this on December 01 2015. This will be about three weeks before Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released. I will be one of millions who will there seeing the new Star Wars film. But I also want to give sci-fi fans another option.
It's going to be an experience. The hardest thing for an independent creator is getting your project out there for people to know it exists.
Christopher Love is the Chief Creative Officer of Heroes Like Me Entertainment. He has a monthly online stories ready for enjoyment with soundtracks, ambience and sound effects.