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Way Back When...A board game

History has many heroes that we do not hear about. In this series, two Historical agents go back in time to learn about these heroes for the sake of the future. In their world, there was a 100 year Dark Age where information was lost. Now they study time with The Time Telescope to rediscover their lost history. This is a great series for young readers and the young at heart.  This series presents heroes of diversity who are often left out of the classrooms and history books.
 An Underground of several potential heroes are recruited by an ex-government agent and a lost time traveler from the future to stop a 200 year old billionaire from correcting the one failure in his richly successful life. If the mega-billionaire, Salesman of Doom, is indeed victorious, then the world as we know it will be changed. Can the Black Butterfly, The Fiery Furnace, Zara, Buffalo Soldier, The Milk Maiden, Krishna-The Time Traveler, The Mysterious Maestro, Human Pearl and The Alien Ambassador save the world as we know it? See it all in this 8 issue limited series of The Talented Tenth Saga.

Lt. Curt Masters, a Tuskegee Airman, is flying a combat mission over the skies of Nazi Germany in 1945. He encounters an alien craft. He engages the craft unsuccessfully. Soon, he is aboard the UFO and is charged with Obstruction of Galactic Operations. He and the people of earth are on trial for their survival. Can Curt Masters free himself from over a billion miles away? Will he ever return home? Or will he die at the hands of The Warlord. In this new universe, he meets Aliena-a Galactic Police officer, Sutter-a mysterious friend or foe and ARC, who is an android without a will of his own. Curt will learn that once you Look Forward you can Never Go Back. Written by Chris Love, this graphic novel offers new worlds and possibilities. A companion feature film has been adapted from this graphic novel.

DVD of film is now available

Graphic Novel available in Print and enhanced Ebook

Opportunity 7: A Sci-Fi Short Film

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