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Lt. Curt Masters, a Tuskegee Airman, is flying a combat mission over the skies of Nazi Germany in 1945. He encounters an alien craft. He engages the craft unsuccessfully. Soon, he is aboard the UFO and is charged with Obstruction of Galactic Operations. He and the people of earth are on trial for their survival. Can Curt Masters free himself from over a billion miles away? Will he ever return home? Or will he die at the hands of The Warlord. In this new universe, he meets Aliena-a Galactic Police officer, Sutter-a mysterious friend or foe and ARC, who is an android without a will of his own. Curt will learn that once you Look Forward you can Never Go Back. Written by Chris Love, this graphic novel offers new worlds and possibilities. A companion feature film has been adapted from this graphic novel.

DVD of film is now available

Graphic Novel available in Print and enhanced Ebook

Opportunity 7: A Sci-Fi Short Film

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Below are Online Stories with Diverse Characters from our Growing Universe.
Plus audio and movie style soundtracks will enhance your reading experience.
ENJOY. You can click the links below. Go to READ NOW on the booktrack website to enjoy or download the App. 

Matt Harris---The Mysterious Maestro is the lone protector of Earth of Interdimensional Threats while earning a living as a magician.  

She is a 500 year old mermaid and an african princess. See her adventures as she rises from the ocean to adapt to a new age.  She is a rare treasure of the sea-The Human Pearl.

The Legend of John Henry-The Steel Driving Man comes to life in the 21st Century.
This is John Henry 2.0

The Black Dove is a hunter trying to defeat an enemy inside her own body.

The true life story of US Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves comes to life in fictionalized adventures. He was the baddest lawman in the 1870s.
True life inspiration for the Lone Ranger character. 

Tuskegee Airman Curt Masters is abducted to another world billions of miles away.
His only crime is that he cares for an Earth that doesn't care for him.
A sci-fi adventure waiting to be read.

The Buffalo Soldier
 Shining Star

The Fiery Furnace

The Buffalo Soldier is the best secret agent the
 U.S. Government has. 
He has taken  upon himself to form a team 
that can handle any threat in the world or other worldly.
Marion is a guy who is trying to pay his bills and reconcile
 with his estrange wife.
When they have dinner to patch things up, they are struck
 by a meteorite.
They both gain superpowers as
 Shining Star and The Fiery Furnace.
See how all three of the characters meet. 

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